Dr. Mohsin Iqbal Bio & Articles

Dr. Mohsin is a licensed Veterinarian who is passionate about pets. He has been practicing in Veterinary Medicine for about five years. He hopes to help reptile owners improve their husbandry (environment, nutrition, and overall pet care). He has also been an active member of the Animal Rescue Organization, rescuing animals in need and providing them free medical treatment. In his free time, He enjoys spending time with his own pets, exploring hiking trails, and researching new and interesting reptile species.

Albino Corn snake wrapped

How Much Does a Corn Snake Cost?

Looking to switch from petting domesticated animals to reptiles? Corn snake will be best for you – youโ€™ll absolutely love it. Its friendly temperament, impressive

Corn Snake Cost rolled up

How Big Does a Corn Snake Get?

The size of a corn snake is one of the most common questions that naive pet parents ask when they first start thinking about getting

Corn snake teeth

Does a Corn Snake Bite Hurt?

Corn snakes – also known as Red Rat Snakes, are a popular pet to have in the home, yet one concern about potential bites. Typically

Ball Python - Collectors Ball Python

Why Does My Ball Python Yawn?

Ball pythons are renowned for their diverse array of behaviors, including the often-overlooked activity of yawning. Although it may seem peculiar, this behavior is a

Stranger Ball Python Collectors Ball Python featured image

9 Rare Ball Python Morphs

Ball pythons are some of the most popular reptiles among pet owners and reptile enthusiasts, but did you know that there are many extremely rare

ball python mouth rot 3

9 Best Ball Python Hides

Do you know that a ball python needs more than just food and water to stay healthy? They also need a hide, which is an

ball python hiding

Why Is My Ball Python Hiding?

Ball pythons are nocturnal creatures known for hiding and burrowing in the wild. They have an impressive ability to fit into small cracks, crevices, and

ball python close up in tank

Can Ball Pythons Live Together?

Most animals that live in the wild thrive when they have companions of the same species, allowing them to bond and build relationships. However, ball

Thin Ball Python

Ball Python Sexing Methods

Are you looking to breed your ball pythons one day? If so, it’s paramount that you understand how to tell if each snake is male