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Andrew has taught life science as a middle school science teacher, and he has worked as a zoo keeper at the Phoenix and San Antonio Zoos. He also had a private collection of exotic and native reptiles. Today, he develops curriculum for the College of CSET at Grand Canyon University, in Phoenix.

How Much Is a Bearded Dragon?

So, you are interested in getting a bearded dragon. Join the club, as there is a reason why bearded dragons are so popular as pets.

constipated bearded dragon

Why Is Your Bearded Dragon Not Pooping?

There are various reasons why your bearded dragon is not pooping. Some of those reasons may include the following: Impaction Brumation Constipation Dehydration Improper husbandry

Why My Bearded Dragon Turned Black?

Bearded dragons will change color for various reasons, some of which are normal while others are not. Understanding why your bearded dragon turned black will